To Find Great Partnerships You Need The Right Technology

  • Hybrid working means new business decision makers are now hard to reach.
  • Cash is tight, and conversations that lead nowhere are a waste of partnership resources.
  • The lack of face-to-face opportunities has forced brands to increase their cold outreach.
  • THE CHALLENGE for Partnership teams is finding a way to stand out from all the noise.
  • THE SOLUTION is reaching the right people with relevant messaging and timely follow-up.

How myConversation Delivers This

  • Reaching the right people: We help businesses understand why their partners chose them, and then identify the right people at brands who are ready to talk about partnerships.
  • Relevant messaging: Our knowledge of multiple campaigns combined with our technology allows our copywriters to create content which delivers the outcomes our clients need.
  • Timely follow-up: Our email cadencing technology makes sure that no opportunities are missed. When a potential partner responds you’re into the conversation in your own inbox.

What Do We Provide?

  • Expert consultancy to help identify the right audience.
  • Copywriting and content optimisation.
  • Email cadencing technology – automated outreach, follow-up, conversations in your inbox.

Why Choose myConversation?

We’ve worked with a large number of big brand partnership teams, including national newspapers, global tech brands and PLC’s, delivering industry tailored partnership outreach campaigns across the UK, Europe and the US.

Our end-to-end approach encompassing the messaging, the data and our own technology is what makes the difference.

Our client Readly is Europe’s leading all-you-can-read magazine and newspaper subscription service with over 5000 titles including Hello, Time, Cosmopolitan, T3 and The Guardian. It’s like Spotify for magazines and newspapers.

Case Studies

Here’s a selection of our client results. Click the logo for each case study.

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